Mole/Tinga Salad Bowl

Mole/Tinga Salad Bowl

Carnitas Taco

Carnitas Taco


Queso Fundido $6

Oaxacan cheese melted in a cast iron pan. Topped with pico de gallo and served with

2 handmade corn tortillas or chips. Add chorizo/mushrooms $2

Guacamole & Chips $6

Elote $4

Roasted sweet corn brushed with mayo and covered with cotija cheese, cilantro, butter, and chile powder.

Mini Tacos $5

Three mini tacos of your choice.

Nachos $6

Tortillas chips, beans, Oaxacan cheese, tomato, onion, cilantro, queso fresco,

and Mexican sour cream. Add taco meat/veggies $2

Esquites $5

Elote off the cob and served in a cup.


and how they are served on our tacos

Carne Asada

Chopped beef topped with onions and cilantro.


Shredded chicken breast in a tomato chipotle sauce. Topped with

shredded lettuce, queso fresco, and Mexican sour cream.


Shredded chicken breast in Mexico’s traditional bitter- sweet sauce.

Topped with sesame seeds, queso fresco, and Mexican sour cream. Contains peanuts


Dried grasshoppers served on guacamole and topped with queso fresco and red salsa.


Slowly simmered pork, topped with pico de gallo.

Chile Verde

Pork simmered in a tomatillo and jalapeño chile verde sauce. Served on

our refried beans and topped with onions, queso fresco, and Mexican sour cream.


Spicy Mexican sausage. Served on our refried beans and topped with queso fresco.


Chilled cactus salad topped with queso fresco.


Squash, corn, tomato, and onions. Topped with queso fresco and Mexican sour cream.


Sautéed mushroom and onion. Topped with queso fresco and cilantro.


Tacos $3

Burritos $8

Bean and Cheese Burrito $6

Quesadillas $5 Add meat/veggies $2

Tortas $8.25

Salad Bowl $8

Bad Son Meal $10.99

3 tacos, rice, beans, and reg. fountain drink.


Rice $1.25

Beans $1.25

Handmade Tortillas $.75 (each)

Guacamole scoop $1

Tortilla Chips $1.75


Aguas Frescas Reg $3 Lrg $4

Bad Son Cold Brew Reg $3 Lrg $4

Hot Tea $2 Green Tea, Earl Grey, and Chamomile

Mexican Coke Bottle (Half Liter) $3

Jarritos/Sangria/Sidral bottle $2.50

Topo Chico Mineral Water $2.50

Canned 7up/Squirt $1.50

Mexican Hot Chocolate Reg $3 Lrg $4

Fountain Drinks Reg $2 Lrg $2.75

Coke, Diet Coke, Strawberry Fanta, Root Beer, Pink Lemonade, Unsweetened Iced Tea

Vegan Options Available!

Just ask for vegan rice/beans and no dairy!

Carnitas Torta

Carnitas Torta